This event is sent to the event listener URL when an app has been successfully installed by a user.

    "name": "app.install",
    "userId": "u:cfc76545-3400-4864-892a-513a9f4ae409",
    "token": "4458f0a9-eca7-4efb-8560-2a0fd3ac858d"
While no return value is expected from the app, if your app does not respond to the HTTP request with a 200 OK status code, Flock assumes that the installation has failed and will indicate as much to the user.

Event Attributes

userIdStringUser identifier
tokenStringAuthentication token for the user


No return value is required for this event. However, a 200 OK status code is expected for the installation to be considered successful. In case a 200 status code is not received as response to this event, Flock will assume that the install failed.